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Withings Steel HR : Review

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Overall Ratings: 7.3 / 10


  • Premium metallic glass design
  • Feels comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Accurate heart rate monitor


  • No GPS
  • Poor magnetic charger
  • Expensive
  • Limited Notifications


Withings is a Consumer Electronics Company famous for manufacturing health related products such as activity tracking watches, FDA Blood pressure monitor and its popular Wi-Fi scale. Recently Withings launched a Smartwatch “Withings steel HR” which was globally made available on 4th January 2017. These days everyone wants a fitness tracking watch for keeping track of there health activities, but most tracking devices look awkward on the arm. From the look of it Withings has rendered a watch that has a classy exterior, but does its interior pack enough fitness tracking features? lets find out…

This Smartwatch has a sleek stainless steel case, elegantly curved glass surface and it is slimmer than all other Smartwatches. HR comes in two versions 40 mm for slightly bulky wrists and 36 mm for slimmer wrists, the larger watch requires a 20 mm band and the smaller one an 18 mm band. You can also swap out the strap for something different suiting your taste because the watch originally comes with silicone straps which aren’t so heart hacking (I myself swapped it out for the leather version). Its thinner frame and smaller size makes it look absolutely gorgeous on the wrist and much more comfortable to wear. The periphery now has numbers etched on it so you can tell time more easily, there’s a crown like button on the side which disappointingly doesn’t turn. You have to press the button to go through the features, the first click takes you to the watch face to show the time, with sequential presses you can go through the heart rate monitor, steps, distance, alarm and battery life.

This time there’s an extra digital display which shows your heart rate, steps taken and the number of calories burned. You can set your goal for a certain activity and the watch will display the percentage of your goal you’ve accomplished. Like if you set a goal to take 2000 steps then after 500 steps it will indicate 25%, and a 100% when you’ve completed your goal. Withing’s has included an optical heart rate sensor which automatically tracks your heart rate through out the whole day. For runners it will automatically start detecting the distance traveled and the heart rate, it can also detect any type of activity change like swimming, basketball or tennis and even sleep tracking. Swimmers will face no problems because it is water resistant to 5 ATM (50 meter).

HR comes powered with Withings own health mate app which displays all your health data, your target activity(percentage completed), heart rate and steps in a graphical and colorful interface. Every time you open the app you’ll be welcomed by a timeline indicating all your activity records. Withings health app is used in many other Withing products and is very popular in the market. One downside is that when it comes to communication, or social interaction HR doesn’t prove much helpful. Receiving SMS messages, emails or notifications from any app is limited. After all its a fitness tracking device so if you only need it for health tracking then you’ll be fine with it.

Battery life of the Steel HR is spot on, if you turn off the heart rate monitor and only power the watch hands and the digital screen you can last a good 25 days without recharging. As compared to Withings other products Steel HR has got the longest battery life. Charging the battery is much easier but it comes with an annoying mechanism. All you have to do is place it on the magnetic pad, but sadly there is nothing to keep the watch aligned on the pad and it keeps on Slipping off. So you might have to keep a watch on it while charging.


If your looking for a proper health companion then this Smartwatch will do wonders for you, it has an excellent heart rate monitor, automatic activity tracking, Classy design and a long battery life. It can be operated as a simple Analog watch or a Smartwatch. However the watch lacks notification features and the charger is super clumsy. Besides this there is no reason to not appreciate it.


Watch Size: 40 mm and 36 mm

Battery life: 25 days

Water Resistant

Sleep Tracker

Heart rate monitor

Steps Counter

Distance Tracker

Automatic Activity Tracker


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