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There are numerous amazing stuff you can do with Android that you doubtless don’t even be acquainted with. From convention ROMs to elegant launchers, apps, LED, notifications, gesture controls, icon packs and tug, there is copiousness to maintain Users to be happy for a while. Here are few things every Android holder must endeavor.


  • Supercharge Wi-Fi:

You can notify Chrome to accumulate time and money by reducing data usage! Most people don’t know this until now. By using this setting, Users can cut down their data usage by 30 % in a month. Simply, Go to Chrome > Settings > Data Saver and turn it on.

Similarly, you can tell your Smart Phone to maintain Wi-Fi on throughout sleep?

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep and select Always.

By doing this, Users can download stuff although their Smart Phone’s exhibit is off, but it will save battery because phone will not have to reconnect to Wi-Fi every time it wake up.


  • Google Now:

Google Now on Tap was set up with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It offers appropriate information for anything that is on screen, permitting Users to discover information without having to hunt for it yourself. They will need Android Marshmallow to opt it.

To permit Google Now on Tap, Go to Settings > Google > Search & now > Voice and switch it on or off. Once it’s done, Users will then be able to have the benefit of quick, related information on tap.


  • Battery Optimizations:

No matter which Android Smart Phone you have, there are ways to advance battery span from previous one. Initially, turn off ‘ambient display’ or ‘adaptive brightness’. This mentioned setting modifies display brightness base on present lighting setting.

The sensor used to conclude light plane is not as precise as human eye; Users can set more apt display brightness for current conditions, and as display is a means area where battery life is vanished, keep this at lowest level probable.


  • Grant app Permissions:

Having cool feature Users ought to seek: grainy app permissions. This feature permits them to give apps authorization to access hardware or information on phone as need arise. So, if app requires to access microphone, it will inquire for permission first to do, when launched app and app needs to utilize this portion of hardware.

For Android edition earlier than Marshmallow, they had to grant permission before downloading app in Google Play Store. We tacit that refuting several app permissions contained by third-party apps could smash them. But at the present Users can administer these permissions independently. Bestow it a try.


  • Use Google Now:

Google Now proceeds as implicit personal aide, which can use to repossess information rapidly and with no trouble. But it is furthermore much more than this: Google Now can cooperate with existing apps, take notes, and set reminders alongside a complete group of other smart activities. It should always be enabled on “Always listening.”

The more you use Google Now the more you comprehend what an outstanding app it is. For instance, you desire to take a catnap, but are by now in that drowsy state and about to dip off. You don’t require attaining for phone and opening your clock app, devious time you wish to wake and set an alarm for then. Just utter “Okay Google, wake me up in an hour.”, and the magic will be done


  • Set up Android Device Manager:

Android Device Manager is not pre-enabled on each sole Android Smart Phone no one knows. Android Device Manager is a grand tool that allows you to track misplaced or stolen phone, tenuously lock it, ring it, or obliterate its stuffing and even display a lock screen message for anybody that locate it. It may not be the best thing to do with Android phone, but it should be primary stuff you do with it.


  • Try Push-Bullet:

There are not many apps that enormously everyone should utilize, because everybody has dissimilar tang, desires and routine. But Push-bullet is special. Everybody should be using it. IT is this best


  • Setup Lock Screen Security:

The best thing to do with your Android Smart Phone is set up lock screen security. I am always astounded by how numerous of people do not have lock screen security set up in their Phones.



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