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Smart Phone Under 50 $

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Smart Phones; progressively providing people in emergent globe a middling to view possibilities in already emergent countries, they provide way for online access to media, services, and supplies offered abroad. We have compiled a list of smart phone under 50 $.

In way of Industry-wide, prices of smart phones are getting low. Existing mobile makers, looking to enlarging their products into new markets including rising markets are offering products at a lower price so maximum people can afford it. Mounting internet access schemes by mixture of givers lower the price of Smart Phones. The arrival of new Smart Phones by various manufacturers in mobile world is creating stress among emergent Smart Phone companies to vie by offering their smart phones at squat prices, allowing smart phones to be more available in emerging world.


Here is a list of few Smart Phones ranging under 50 USD:


  • Mozilla:

Operating System in use: Firefox

Prevalently identified for desktop browser, Mozilla Foundation proclaimed in 2014 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona its alliance with Chinese chip-maker, Spreadtrum Communications to make public cheapest smart phone in world. Mozilla anticipate to be a magnet for customers in Latin America, Africa, and India by via their own operating system, Firefox; rather than iOS or Android. This inexpensive Mozilla phone lately initiate in India on August 25th for $33. It supports languages Hindi and Tamil, the two most widely spoken in India.

Price: Mozilla’s price is as low as $25.


  • Karbonn Smart A50S:

Operating System in use: Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

Manufacturing reasonable smart phones in India, Karbonn Mobiles is in-going towards affordable smart phone pursuit by introducing cheapest Android smart phone in India. Whilst; Android enjoys 80% of smart phone market in India, less than 10% of Indian inhabitants have smart phones. With its moderately low price, Karbonn will be a magnet for primary smart phone customers in isolated places.

Price: This Smart Phone has price as low as $46.


  • Spice Smart Flo Edge Mi-349:

Operating System in use: Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread

Amalgamation with Karbonn in providing consumers with yet another inexpensive smart phone is Spice Smart with its Flo Edge Mi-349. Spice Smart offer an additional alternative to its customers whether new or existing for popular Android platform.

Price:  Phone’s cost is $47


  • MTN Steppa:

Operating System in use: Customized Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Recognized as most inexpensive smart phone in South Africa, MTN Steppa acquiring in opt for stores for, MTN Steppa is made on Qualcomm Reference Design Program that consent to any product to produce their own device at a low price. MTN Steppa is a new competitor in companies’ competes to make most inexpensive smart phone.


Blu R1 Smart Phone:

There’s yet another Android GOOGL 6.0 smart phone which costs a lesser amount than family dinner at any high-class restaurant. It is inexpensive, but not that cheap. Customers pay $50 plus an additional $10 if they desire extra memory and storage-space. The price is low because shopping giants knew that will make more money. It is cheap in contrast with iPhone or Galaxy, because of Blu, most fascinating U.S. smart Phone brand most of you never heard of. With a tilt opt, collaboration to with Chinese manufacturing cohorts and a small marketing finances, Florida-based company present unlocked smart phones in affordable prices.

R1’s supplies cost about $70 – $75, $20 for the screen + $6 for front and rear cameras, $7 for memory,  $40 or so for battery and central parts of electronics.  Samsung S7 retails price starting $650, and how much it actually cost for manufactures? Only $225!

R1 is without doubt not Samsung Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6s. It is not even Google Nexus of $350 or Huawei Honor 5X of $200. But if you are looking for a smart phone for a worldwide excursion or as an impermanent substitute you will be astounded you can buy below $100.

R1 does not look like a finest smart phone, but it also does not feel like something akin to a toy. The metal casing and touch screen is arched give it a substantial feel whereas black plastic frame is more firm than any feeble smart phone.


  • Specifications:

5-inch, 720p screen is very dazzling. It is not as snappish as any 1080p displays you will acquire on Moto G4 for $200 or Honor 5X.

For additional $10, customers can twofold storage-space to 16GB and RAM of 2GB. Surfing on websites and it’s loading among all social media such as Facebook; Twitter and Instagram feeds run astoundingly soft. There is no impediment beat away on keyboard when sending an email also. Streaming video on Netflix and YouTube has been a piece of cake.

It, however; couldn’t handle Pokémon Go’s and Angry Birds 2 game crashes more recurrently than its played on faster and better Android smart phone.



Quality of low-end processor and screen are:

  • Solid battery life: R1 lasted 7 hours and 40 minutes that is; 30 minutes longer than Galaxy S7.
  • Call eminence was OK; if considered its nominal price.
  • Blu R1 HD is a 4G-companionable Smart Phone.



  • 8-megapixel camera rear and 5-megapixel front-facing:
  • Cannot connect to faster 5 GHz WI-Fi networks.
  • Speaker is too low-volume.


So, Here is list of all these amazing under $50 Smart Phones which offer more than they cost. Let us know whether you liked the list and had any help from it or not.!


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