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Samsung Gear 360 (2017): Review

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Samsung’s Gear 360 camera recreation receive quite appreciations from Users as some vital feature are improved.

With price of £201.99, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Gear is here. With its atrocious size of 8.5:9 HDR display-screen, it appears like it will be monster Android smart-phone in 2017. Samsung natter something else at its launching in March, which may have skid your attention. Here’s Samsung’s innovative and improved VR-ready camera, Gear 360.


Users by now uncovered prime disparity among 2017’s Gear 360 restore and previous edition. 2017’s Gera received ample appreciations, replaced with extreme simple, hand-held contour. The ball on top is less noticeably, while handle; perfect for one-hand, 360-degree live stream, is in base outline one sole unit.

This drastic revamp makes much more sagacity than its precursor. Last year’s design was barely appalling; it was slightly hulking to hold. This new and better shape hold is much appropriate comfy in palm with ample record button sitting obviously under thumb.

However, there’s a failing with this extraordinary new design. That innovative Gear 360? It doesn’t stand-up well on its own. The diminutive sketch in base; which holds tripod filament is curved, hence; the Gear 360 does quiver but here, it collapse.

Samsung resolve this by affix a rubber ring using lanyard, which fit about bottom for more solidity. It will be worth endowed in a consistent tripod for stationary shoots.

                    Samsung Gear 360’s Specifications of 2017
Dimensions 100.6 x 46.3 x 45.1mm
Weight 130g
Camera resolution 360˚ Dual Lens: up to 15MP (5472 x 2736)
Single Lens 3MP (2304 x 1296)
Format  JPEG
Video resolution 360˚ Dual Lens: up to 4096 x 2048 (24fps)
Single Lens 1920 x 1080 (60fps)
Codec: MP4 (H.265)
Battery 1,160mAh
Storage Micro-SD card (up to 256GB)
Smartphone compatibility Galaxy S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, Note5, S6, S6 Edge, S6
IP rating IP53 (Dust and Splash-proof)

What does this mean for users? 2017’s 360 records at advanced resolution that big ball it herald lacks. Previous year, we were gifted with a twin cam video resolution of 3,840 x 1,920, whilst having a 4,096 x 2,048 in 2017.

It weight-less at 130g in contrast with 153g and, it’s small in size too as compared to last year.

Battery is a bit smaller than previous year’s at 1,350mAh and un-detachable this year, also.

2017’s Gear 360 is attuned with ample assortments of devices. Gears 360 of 2017 reviews are as below.


  • 4-K 360-degree live stream:

2017, Gear 360 is delicate to 4-K 360-degree video recording at 4,096 x 2,048; a minor wallop in last year’s mold. 15 mega-pixels are on cards using dual 8.4 mega-pixels fish-eye lenses. The most stimulating new accumulation is appropriate support for 360-degree video live streams.

Streaming through Facebook, YouTube and Samsung’s hold over VR platform, Samsung articulate this feature is critically vital for amalgamation of VR insurrection in our regular day-to-day video utilization. Samsung is opening up Gear 360’s compatibility to smart phones than its individual Galaxy Phones.

2016 Gear 360 could be used with unambiguous Galaxy phones.2017, Samsung utter 360 will exertion with huge range of Samsung phones, conspicuously its mid-range Galaxy A array. IPhone and Windows compatibility with Mac’s sustaining the perspective.

Micro-SD storage space can still be found beneath flap on grip; there’s a miniature display-screen indicating which method users choose and its battery status. They are permanent this year.


Untimely decree:

2017 Gear 360 rebuild harbinger various salutation alterations like:

  • It’s extremely convenient to carry.
  • Records a higher resolution.
  • 360 live video streaming.

Various things like need of a detachable battery are modest concerns, but it appears that Samsung is in the precise direction for the most part to become more improved and what makes this entire Gear still better? 2017’s Samsung Gear 360 released it for just £199, cutting previous Gear 360 by an ample £150 price.


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