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Samsung and Qualcom: Working On S9 Processor

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Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus were only released few months ago, and Samsung is already working on its surrogate, Samsung Galaxy S9.

According to information received from South Korea, Samsung has started to work with Qualcomm on developing processor for Samsung Galaxy S9.

Both Samsung and Qualcomm are working together on developing a new chip for Galaxy S9, which in all probability will be releasing in 2018. The chip is alleged as Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 which will be successor to 2017’s Snapdragon 835 that is, if Qualcomm doesn’t launch a somewhat invigorated chip anon in year similar to the Snapdragon 821 last year.

Samsung and Qualcomm have been working as one for decades, and in spite of Samsung using Exynos chips in a number of Galaxy S8 sculpt; there are Galaxy S8 modification that arrive with Snapdragon 835. For now, a great deal is still anonymous about Snapdragon 845 or Galaxy S9

845 will seemingly be created by TSMC or Samsung, both have 7-nanometer mechanized processes in workings, 835 is manufactured by Samsung as part of a deal that make certain its individual phone obtain latest chip first. A analogous pact could be potential for subsequent year’s handset.


  • Characteristics:

  • Ten-folds more proficient than existing Snapdragon 835.
  • Sustain interpret cellular stuff that your transporter almost certainly cannot do.
  • Superfluous power-competent as compared to this year’s chip.
  • Speedy than this year’s chip.


Galaxy S8 is presently considered amongst most modern Android smart phones in market, packing a veer high stipulation, sophisticated features and smooth design to total the package.

Samsung is working on Galaxy S9 by now nonetheless, primary details are currently embryonic online. Yet in early days, Galaxy S9 release is at slightest a year left and it will launch top-notch Galaxy Note 8 in interim.


  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Early Rumors: Qualcomm Power:

Existing Galaxy S8 arrive with whichever: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895 processor, depending on county. Qualcomm and Samsung worked mutually on Snapdragon 835, making processor at Samsung’s manufacturing place. Snapdragon 835 boasts Samsung’s equipment, which create it 27% more rapid and 30% supplementary power-efficient weigh against to a 14-nm chip.


  • Galaxy S9 Specs: Snapdragon 845 Processor:

It relics to be observe whether things will be same after this year and Galaxy S9 will have a limited-instance inimitability on Snapdragon 845. One more age of individuality to a sole gadget manufacturer mightn’t do well with Qualcomm’s additional associates, but companies might discover a little universal position to mollify all and sundry.


  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Processor:

The Snapdragon 845 is still cloaked in anonymity, as particulars are tremendously scant. Former this year a report did specify that a prospect Qualcomm chip composed 84x would create its unveiling at some point in the last quarter of this year, but it vestiges indistinguishable whether chip will be released as Snapdragon 840 or Snapdragon 845. The chip will apparently have octa cores.

It’s still extremely untimely to expect something about next-generation Galaxy S9 or Snapdragon chip.

For now, Samsung aficionada glance for a powerful smart phone grab whichever: Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 plus, or hang around for impending Galaxy Note 8 that should strike shortly this year. Galaxy S9 release is has still a year left and a lot could revolutionize in this time.


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