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Nokia 6 : Review

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Nokia 6 Update:

Users are tranquil in waiting for a unyielding Nokia 6 launch date, but arrival is presently announced like May.

Nokia has returned to once-iconic smart phone brand name back in business recognition with Finnish establish HMD signing a 10-year contract to attach with Nokia name on smart phones and tablets, Nokia 6 is contemporary top in its preliminary arrangement of four devices.

Nokia’s innovative Android smart phones; fourth is featuring phone 3310 reboot were released at MWC 2017 and be hub on a finest accumulate with uncomplicated UI and reasonable price and before time hints are affirmative as we obtain to hold the new Nokia 6.


Nokia 6 Display:

Nokia 6 swank 5.5-inch Full H-D screen-display, Snapdragon 430 chip set, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of interior storage space, 16-MP back camera, 8-MP front camera, fingerprint scanner and a 3,000 mAh battery.

Nokia 6 price is €229; roughly $240, £195, AU$315, which plunge it in a somewhat reasonable type in market, and glance at the specifications pane user get a straight “why” of high price.


Nokia 6 Arte Black:

If User desire to have a bit more elite edition, they could instantaneously choose Nokia 6 Arte Black which has a sleek ‘piano black ’back with 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal storage space and a price of €299 i.e. around $315, £255, AU$410.

Nokia 6 Release Date:

There’s no unyielding Nokia 6 release date yet; we have been inform that it will be launched internationally through Q2 of 2017; i.e. between April and June.

At present, it appears like May would probably be for Nokia 6 release date.

Nokia 6 Design & Display:

Nokia 6 is dexterity from a solitary block of aluminum, and consequence is a smart phone which feels more premium than budget.  There’s a comforting heaviness to phone, and whilst its 154 x 75.8 x 7.85mm proportions make it a substantial charisma in hand and still unproblematic to use.

Plane sides of Nokia 6 weren’t as contented in palms as phone with curved boundaries; just like Nokia 5 and 3, and this is obvious if user clutch phone in one hand for a comprehensive period of time.

User will be able to obtain standard Nokia 6 in 4 insignia; silver, copper, matte black and tempered blue, and lustrous Arte Black unusual edition too.

Power or lock as well as volume keys are simple to punch in phone, and Nokia has also integrated a 3.5mm headphone jack up on top, whereas micro-USB docks inhabit then to sole internal speaker on base of handset.  Pleasant to see fingerprint scanner; which double as home key too, on front of Nokia 6, edge by capacity-touch back and multi-tasking keys. Hefty 5.5-inch Full HD screen-display is intense and obvious, and it’s sufficient for a Phone in group Nokia 6 cataract into, means video playback and gaming look excellent on Nokia 6, with abundance of space for on-screen reins.


Nokia 6 Interface & Performance:

Android classicist will be contented here as Nokia 6 operates on Android 7 Nougat and. No clunky superimpose, and no pre-installed bloat ware. Nokia has selected to stick with stock Android interface, and it’s a choice good choice.  It makes Nokia 6 simple to steer, and recital was flat for basic errands user approved right away on Phone.

Snapdragon 430 mainframe beneath cover beside 3GB of RAM (or 4GB if pick the Arte Black edition), which offer sufficient power for universal procedure and camera. 32GB of storage space within latest Nokia 6 isn’t sufficient, there’s micro-SD window too, which supports cards up to 128GB in volume


Nokia 6 Battery and Camera:

Nokia 6 arrive with a non-removable 3,000mAh battery which complete a day on solitary charging with universal practice although again User won’t know for sure until the phone through our in-depth appraisal procedure. The rear, a well-equipped 16MP camera obtrudes slightly from back of phone, and present HDR and a dual-tone flash. Nokia 6, on front an 8MP selfie snapper is more pragmatic for infrequent narcissism shot.


Nokia 6 is truly an excellent, reasonable smart phone. Decent stipulation sheet with fine design, whilst stockpile Android interface should acquire software updates swiftly. Users’ foremost proviso for now is chipset, and how it handles beneath intense load, but premature signs for Nokia’s revival are optimistic.

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