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Google Pixel: Worth the Price?

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A fresh Google air in world of Android’s complication.

Overall product rating: 9/10.



Best Features:


Bad Features:

  • Stunning camera.
  • Expensive.
  • Best version Android.
  • Rear panel expose to scratches.
  • Good size for one-handed use.
  • Would recommend more storage options.
  • Super fast.





  • 5-inch, 1080-p display
  • Snapdragon 821
  • 4GB RAM
  • 32 or 128 GB storage
  • Android 7.1
  • Google Assistant
  • Pixel Launcher
  • 12MP and 8MP cameras
  • USB-C
  • Fast charging
  • 2,770 mAh
  • Headphone jack
  • Daydream VR ready
  • Manufacturer: Google
  • Price: £599.99


Google Pixel is a marker device; representing first accurate incursion in phones by the search engine monster.

The Pixel is obtainable in two ranges; the smaller and a larger one, having one of the best cameras on any phone, with software occurrence that’s enhanced than any other Android smart phone.

You have to pay big payment for these features because certainly mentioned smart phone isn’t a Nexus smart phone and isn’t the first phone to cost a fortune with this good features.

Google’s primary invented smart phones, the Pixel and Pixel XL, were publicized and were perceived by many as company’s first effort to unswervingly develop smart phone in finest phone market.

Quartz depleted previous few weeks Google’s two smart phones, analyzing to see if it could hold pressure and processing of apps and met standards of renown smart phones.

Here’s what Reviews show:

  • Design: quite good, but not exceptional.
  • AMOLED Display in FHD or QHD.
  • Excellent Pixel camera.
  • Burst photography to improve HDR and Low-Light Photos.
  • Software: best Android experience.
  • Pre-loaded Apps: Less is better.
  • Misc software:
  1. Day-Dream VR.
  2. Google Assistant.
  3. System Performance: Snapdragon 821.


·         Perceived photo quality:


The Pixel’s camera received highest-constant rating ever of any smart phone by DxOMark, an industry known for camera testing.

Camera works sound in dim luminosity, capture variations in color magnificently and providing intense photography capability which is developed by Alphabet’s “moonshot” lab, X.

Camera has all customary effective Android camera features like panoramic photos, 360-degree photos (called “Photo Spheres”), and “lens blur” shots, which produce an alike effect to iPhone 7 Plus’s new “portrait mode.”

iPhone 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy S7’s produce slightly diverse shots in situations, iPhone images lean to come out warmer than Google’s phone. So, camera of is  clear reason to buy a Pixel.


Additional Features Review of Pixel:

  • Endless- space: One of phone’s main selling point is every owner receive unlimited Google cloud storage, so they can keep all photos and videos at full resolution, which means anything you shoot on Pixel instantly offloaded to cloud, emptying space on phone.
  • Super-fast charging: Pixel charges a momentous amount of battery in record. Google’s promotion material says “it can charge about 7 hours’ worth of battery life in about 15 minutes.” (Users didn’t found it charged quite that rapidly in testing.)
  • Get Android updates: Pixel is only Android phone obtainable right now deployed with a 7.1 but Google said it plans to make latest Android operating systems accessible to Pixel users before it runs into other smart phones.
  • Google Assistant: Its capability to distract yourself in heavy workload, such as Solitaire and other games, is a poignant salve, particularly after you exhausted yourself trying to understand what you were asking from phone.


What’s not so good?

  • The design: Design of Pixel is fine. Isn’t that stunning (it’s hard to make different smart phone when every phone is same basic rectangle of glass, plastic, and metal), but it looks as nice as any HTC phone in current years, which is predictable, given HTC made phone for Google. It feels inappropriate when hold it, and users are not a huge admirers of chamfered edges, but this isn’t big matter.
  • No home button: Pixel looks a lot like an iPhone, equal thickness on every side in both phones. Pixel doesn’t have a home button on bottom edge, or anywhere on front of phone, which give another problem: no easy way to wake it up.
  • Weird fingerprint scanner placement: The scanner is on back of device, near top A weird place; according to users.
  • Not waterproof.
  • The price: The Google Pixel, launch at $649, analogous to latest iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. But at price, it’s tough to recommend it over Galaxies or new iPhone.

Should you get one?

If you desire latest features Android has to present before any other phone company Pixel is for you. Google’s old Nexus smart phones were intended to be hardware that preeminently showed off what Android can do. Pixel doesn’t achieve this objective; Samsung’s latest smart phones are better hardware and Android software. Google’s new Assistant will consume improved in new Home smart hub.

Google is placing Pixel as undeviating rival to the new iPhone, and whilst both come with their own aggravation, it’s hard to advise to any devoted iPhone user that this is the phone worth dropping Apple device for. Everything is flawless, but the body eminence doesn’t feel as sturdy as Apple’s, and the camera, receptiveness, and design of Galaxy S7 make them a little better choice for Android users.


Google Pixel is an outstanding phone that’s only problem is low battery life and still-developing Assistant. If you can handle the price, the Pixel is a breath of fresh Google air in a world of Android over-complication.

Google Pixel truly fortify Google’s place in highly sophisticated phone market. Google Nexus models did an excellent “value for price” but had a propensity to lose somewhat on vital features such as Camera Performance and Industrial Design.


With Pixel, you can have best Android OS experience, with no Camera performance and lacking, Industrial design could be improved. As user, this basically is biggest “power-up” from Pixel, and this is great deal. Google Pixel phones also thrust boundaries of camera performance in innovative bearing.


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