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Google Pixel: A Supply Chain Failure

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Pixels are not totaling up to build an ideal picture for universal technology colossal: Google. Google’s Pixel smart phone was launched and a marketing blitzkrieg in October 2016, prearranged its great premium arrangement November 2016’s, but retailing have been apathetic at best. Assessment with failure of Google’s low-end smart phone project, Android One, is commencement to be made.

Retailers and manufacturing articulate: “Pixel sales have not taken off mainly thanks to very high prices – Rs 57,000 upwards – and the greater brand pull of Apple’s iPhone and Samsung Galaxy variation in super premium category. “

Sales data are not communal by Google or retailers. Delivery is a signal. According to manufacturing: “Google has shipped around 30,000 Pixel phone pieces during preliminary launch epoch and approximately 10,000 more later”.

Apple and Samsung deliveries over at the same epoch came to millions of pieces. Psychoanalyst said “Pixel had captured the No. 3 spot, behind Apple and Samsung, in the first two months after launch, in the Rs 40,000-plus category, getting a 5% share. But since then Pixel has lost substantial base”.

Google representative said Pixel retailing were what company’s expected them to be. “Over the last few months, we have received very positive feedback from consumers. Excitement continues to be high for the Google Assistant, camera and the overall speed and responsiveness of Pixel phones, and sales have been in line with our expectations,” representative Google said, in reply to questions from ET.

Pixel is sheathing globally too. Smart phone has vended about 2.5 million pieces since October 2016 release,” study says. Psychoanalyst speak: “Apple would have vended almost 70 million phones whilst Samsung’s statistics would be more than 80 million in October-December epoch in spite of the second-one dilemma with Galaxy Note 7, more than a few pieces of which burst or caught fire

“Because Google was coming for the first time on its own, there was a hype initially, but there hasn’t been happening much since. Sales have not been good,” said Subhash Chandra, managing director of Bengaluru-based Sangeetha Mobiles.

Merchant counting Croma, Reliance Digital, Spice Mobility and Jumbo said that Google has joined with even after Pixel was price elevated it had stockpile comparatively less pieces, even after escalating stocks and existence cross-ways extra stores, sales did not progress.

A pinnacle retail chain that was believed to vend Pixel and Pixel XL lay verdict on hold following apathetic market reaction to smart phone, Senior Executive at company inform ET.



Psychoanalyst anticipates a price alteration. “Sales for Google tapered off after initial shipments pre-Diwali pricing correction should be on cards in the first half of this year to drive up the sales before Samsung’s next flagship rolls out,” said Neil Shah, Research Director at Counterpoint Research.

Google commence selling Pixel all the way through Snap deal and presented Rs 10,000 instantaneous money back from Yes Bank, Rs 10,000 e-cash from Yatra, and a gratis mobile fortification plan from Allianz worth Rs 5,999.

There are several people who believe that Pixel wasn’t intended at capture market share but at totaling to Google trademark.

“It was more of a brand building exercise, to showcase that Google can make a good premium smart phone, they never expected volumes from Pixel,” said Navkendar Singh, senior research manager at IDC India.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL released three months previously in October to a fervent retort. These are tremendous smart phones. But since last week, it has become extremely tricky for customers to really obtain any one of them in a rational time epoch. Google has done an underprivileged job of transporting sufficient delivers of both Pixels, as its January now and still no way of gaining any model you desire without remedy to eBay. It’s not good for customers and it’s wasting an implausible smart phone. Pixel is best Android phone users can acquire, that is if you can in fact manage to buy it.

There are merely two capable options for Pixel phones either 32 GB or 128 GB. According to NowInStock.net’s online trailer, 128 GB XL hasn’t been in stockpile at Google’s online store from the time November 30th of previous year.

Accessibility tribulations expand further than Google’s site. Google and Verizon Wireless have made a rather big contract about Pixel phones being an “exclusive” for delivery service since release, but retail occurrence has been no healthier for Verizon clientele. Orders sited these days for 128 GB Pixel XL aren’t programmed to deliver in anticipation of subsequent week of March.

128 GB Pixels XL is blocked until March at Verizon Wireless. It’s fairly complicated to discover normal, 5-inch Pixel with 128 GB of storage-space in reserve at Verizon retail locations. Online guidelines for smaller size are commencement to slither back weeks as well. Black 128 GB Pixel is said to be delivery into February. If user wishes white color, they have to linger until March.

For smaller Pixel, things aren’t much improved, going back to XL deviation, it’s wholly missing for walk-in clientele. In fact, no single Verizon store had 128 GB Pixel XL in stock any time. Company’s in-store accessibility device has by no means formed an affirmative effect. Best Buy is; it’s only selling 32 GB Pixels.


Google hasn’t up till now unconfined sales statistics for Pixel phones neither has Verizon. Analytics recommended that they are performing sturdily at Verizon provisions.

Pixel’s producer can not accurately compete with Apple’s universal allocation infrastructure and transportation. Not various can. It’s still substandard for Google getting so downhill with delivery Pixel schedule. When inquired from Google for information on lack of in-accessibility, they said: “We’re aware about inventory issues on Google Store and Verizon. Frankly, demand has surpassed our expectations. We’re doing our best to restock on an ongoing basis”.

Depending on user, Google’s Pixel might be a good option, but on the other hand, no one is fond of waiting.  Wait is not that bad if it’s of a week utmost, rather than this reply that “It will be delivered in March” is terrible, no matter what issue is or how much “demand” word is thrown or used about. With any luck, all these guesstimates are worst-cases and Google with Verizon will initiate deliveries over subsequent weeks. The Pixel ought to have to been a phone that people can amble into a store, pay for it, walk out with, and have the benefit of its amazing features.


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