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Google and Huawei taken to court over Nexus 6P performance issues

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Affliction boot loops and rigorous battery drain? A proceedings filed in Texas declare similar that Google and Huawei have presented modest help on matter.

Nexus 6P battery drain and boot looping issues have happened to so many people; there’s now a lawsuit filed against Google and Huawei due device’s plentiful issues.

According to press liberate from firm at the rear of this lawsuit, Chimicles &  Tikellis, objection is there are two stupendous flaws with Nexus 6P:  “Boot-looping” problem and it undergo from “severe battery exhaust.” The previous is illustrated as “death-spiral,” which forthrightly is precisely what it like when an Android device is jammed in that mode.


Complaint declare that even as Google notify users to seek assurance coverage from Huawei concerning these meticulous issues with Nexus 6P, Huawei has been “mainly uncooperative and often stonewalls endeavor to obtain warranty coverage, telling customers dilemma is not in phone or battery, but instead it is a crisis with Google’s software.”

It’s important that this scrupulous lawsuit was filed in Eastern District of Texas, an iniquitous venue for copyright rolls. It’s unsure that this case falls into that type considering these questions with Nexus 6P have been up-rising for some time.

It’ll be appealing to see what conclusion of this lawsuit will be, considering this has been a notorious issue with Nexus 6P and neither company has done much to tackle issues. It did also be fastidious to see various enhanced customer security come out of this as well, too, mainly when it comes to warranties.

As mentioned above; Nexus 6P has issues with its battery and even with momentous battery life residual defect grounds Nexus 6p to unexpectedly shut down. This defect makes phone to go in boot loop. Boot loop is a circumstance which makes phone not viable because phone becomes impassive; phone abruptly shuts down and is fixed on a startup screen-display with no other alternative to convalesce.

The objectives of lawsuit are Huawei and Google. The previous is being targeted for problem with hardware of Nexus 6P, whilst Google is targeted for problems with software. The suit declares that these problems initiate to show up both prior to and subsequent to the cessation of each entity’s warranty epoch. It also says that from time to time warranty is not privileged, and those fortunate users covered by it had to wait days or weeks to obtain a revamp device. These beforehand owned sculpt frequently undergo from identical issues that revisit units have.


The lawsuit inquires about exploit status and filed in a Northern California centralized court. Huawei and Google are accused for contravene of warranty, fraud, unmerited fortification, and protest that different confined and national customer laws were kaput. Reimbursements have not been precise at this instant. In the lawsuit, they squabble that boot looping turn phone into an expensive paper. It also claims that neither Huawei nor Google have made any declaration conceding problems, neither have taken accountability for them. It indicts Huawei and Google of decline to revamp damaged phones.

The court papers filed by customers say “Huawei and Google knew, or should have known about the defects in advance and failed to disclose them in order to keep selling the popular handset.”


We anticipate Google will attend to issue as quickly as potential and release update to surmount these circumstances. The update approaches with numerous enhancement and bug fixes. In view of the fact that Android 7.0 was considered as an issue for repeated shutdown, users started flashing phones back to earlier version, Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

This isn’t the first time; Pixel and Nexus customers are facing problems when it comes to updating. Not only that, but fingerprint sensor is essential in order to validate updates. The device used to detach repeatedly and frequently after which users convey this problem to Google forums.

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