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Galaxy S8

First 5 Things To Do On Your New Samsung Galaxy S8

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Samsung has completely compacted the antagonism with Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus; two of the best- and most trustworthy smart phones eternally.



Both operate on Android 7.0 Nougat, with newest version of Samsung’s Touch-Wiz UI on top of all. This is nominal, extremely user-friendly edition of Touch-wiz users have ever used, but it can yet be a little perplexing to use Samsung for the first. So here are few tricks which can help you in setting up your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ in no time

Touch-Wiz is abundant with features, concealed alternative and numerous ways of getting stuff completed, so knowing how to do a job and expose succulent bits is vital for getting best out of your fresh Android smart phone..



If you have forever experience that Samsung had its steering buttons in erroneous arrangement, you are not unaccompanied. So Samsung lastly resolute to permit you set them in standard Android regulate on Galaxy S8.

If you have been using Galaxy phones eternally and believe Samsung has always made it accurate, then move along, but if you are dying to get things back in correct categorize then follow these simple steps:

Go to Settings > Display > Navigation bar > Button layout and choose Back – Home – Recent.

After this, sit back and feel cosmos ally fairly. You made accurate verdict.



Newer smart phones permit you to drag down notifications blind by swiping down on fingerprint scanner. This is a casual swindle to have up your sheathing if you are using your phone single handed or isn’t thrilled about hand aerobics requisite to brighten the phone, particularly one sleek as the S8.

Follow these simple steps for altercations:

Go to Settings > Advanced features > Finger sensor gestures and turn over switch to on.



Android holders will feel at home with Samsung’s app drawer, which efficiently conceal and systematize all installed apps and maintain your home-screens gratis for widgets. How you open it is up to you, while either with a recognizable drawer icon in base row of home-screen sign or with straightforward swipe up or down anyplace onscreen.

Follow these simple steps:

Display -> Home Screen. Tap on Apps Button and decide the one that best ensemble you.



We all use our phones in bed, watching up on daily news, or merely scrolling through Facebook, but it impacts your sleep much. The blue light propels out by screen can decept your brain into feeling extra vigilant and conscious, whereas users should be sleeping.

Samsung’s got simple repair, though, in form of a ‘Blue Light filter’. User can turn this on physically, either through Display -> Blue Light Filter in Settings app,

By sweeping down notification array and turning it on there. This strips out blue light, leaving your screen looking warmer and yellower which wouldn’t allow your brain to sleep whilst you are superglue to phone at night.

Another way to set it up is you can rest it to a timetable; either set one up physically, or abscond it on automatically between sundown and daybreak. Both choices are in Blue Light Filter screen in Display of Settings screen.



Samsung’s software has more rapidly updates over current years but all Android smart phones can do with a modest speed enhancement. In nonattendance of an authentic speed boost, a easy trick to make your phone feel a slight snappier.

First step is to facilitate developer options.

Follow these simple steps: Go to Settings > About phone > Software information and tap on Build figure seven times. Back up to main Settings menu and you will observe Developer options at bottom.

Scroll down until you spot options called Window animation scale and Transition animation scale. Turn both of these options off to get a snappier sentiment phone.

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