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Fastest Android Browser

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We utilize our Android smart phones for everything these days. Calling, texting, checking email and scrolling through social media anything. Amongst those who take smart phone’s web browsers acutely, penchant of browser app is incredibly critical. It indeed is trouble-free enough to attach with browser that comes with Smart Phone, but what if you want utter best and absolute fastest Android Browser.!

This is a list of few Web Browsers that are best in everything; Performance, Speed, you name it.


Our intend for carry out these tests is to offer general, objective and quantifiable statistics, helpful in settle on which Android browser is best for daily use.


  • Google Chrome.
  • CM Browser.
  • Maxthon Browser.
  • UC Browser.
  • Opera Mini Web Browser.



Initially starting with Google Chrome because of fact that it is Android’s evasion web browser, it is quick and gets job finished. If you are using Chrome on your home PC’s, you can sync it with your smart phones and your bookmarks and passwords will be handy all athwart. Chrome’s interface is best whereas other browsers seem slothful in contrast.



It is speedy, diminutive and sheltered; rudiments of great browser app. Developed by team in the rear of CM Security app and it distribute on numerous accounts, opening less than 2 MB file size. It is memory gracious; it also has a fresh cut interface and provides rapid browsing experience on Android Smart Phone’s.



Maxthon is one of fastest Android browsers used by numerous peoples having great features to accolade with. Users can set up their preferred sites for rapid access and use gesture controls to steer through web. Maxthon has incorporated cloud services into app as well, allowing users to send and receive text messages, share pictures as well as links besides syncing their smart phones for a flawless web browsing experience. There are quite a few add-ons obtainable to download and if they desire they can alter display for enhanced reading. All this and supports of flash video playback craft Maxthon an extra firm suggestion.



If efficiency is concern, UC Browser cannot be neglected and merit to its preloading feature is best as well. It deliver quick web browsing experience, supervise downloads and can be modify it with themes as you wish for. The exceptionally useful “night mode” is also accessible all along disguised with mode bear.



Mozilla can be a tad bit slow sometimes but it has a good quality of add-ons you can download, together with the ones that let you to direct passwords, make gestures for browsing and block undesirable ads. Offline reading feature is offered by Firefox, and although it is not as lithe as its PC corresponding item, it is still a good browser for Android Smart phones.



Opera needs no overture and if you have been using smart phones since quite some time, you are almost certainly recognizable with it. Opera’s sibling, Opera Mini has been a redeemer for people with inadequate internal memory and internet; setting up is small and app utilizes compression to deliver web pages quicker. The interface does appear was a slightly out-dated, but Opera lately released a fresh, refurbish version of Opera Mini and it is quite overwhelming.



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