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Can Facebook Apps Kill Google Play Store?

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Countless Web-based apps obtain benefit from Facebook in various ways. Pinterest and TripAdvisor are few apps in the list. If an app accede you to make something worth sharing, a photo, a video, or a playlist, odds are it will allow sharing on Facebook.

On the other hand, 2 main players are in app world.

  • Google Play Store (Android).
  • Apple App Store (iOS).

Million apps and games, Google Play has a little of something for everybody. Surf; set up your preferred apps and games on Android phone.

Above chart explains Google app and its massive triumph in Android World.

But subject remains on exact spot. Facebook apps will destroy Google play store?

The answer to this question will be No. Why? Let’s take a look.

Controlled and developed by Google, Google Play Store is digital division which including digital media store. Known as Android Market, it authorized app store for the Android operating system, let users peruse and download apps developed with Android software development kit (SDK) and published through Google. Google Play serves media store, presenting songs, magazines, books, movies, ECT.

Facebook is an American for-profit firm and an online social media and networking service located in Menlo Park, California. Zuckerberg inscribe a program called “Facemash” on October 28, 2003 while attending Harvard University. Facebook is access by variety range of desktops, laptops, tablet computers, and smart phones through Internet and devices including web. After registering, users can craft their profile representing their name, profession, schools they attended and so on.


Comparing these two together, Google Play Store indeed beat Facebook’s app.

Mentioned two companies’ are rivals and indisputable verification show; these two companies are undeviating opponent with one another. It is necessary for user’s categories to make a hard decision choosing which platform is for you.

Facebook’s search trait in no way was utilized as much as company had anticipated.

Google+ wasn’t used by customer when incorporated in Android phones.

Google is collaborating with Twitter and features live Tweets in Google Search. This benefiting Twitter, it’s receiving additional public visiting Twitter for recent which otherwise they search on Google. Google, the partner-shipping agree to become search platform which will be a vital part of the social media, as users know they can explore thing on Twitter found in Google. Furthermore, Google is cohort with Yahoo to get its results seen by large audience.

Facebook partnered with IBM to make its network effectual. Though Facebook has a great app’s and promotions, it’s insipid in comparison to the size and scope of Google’s Play Store.


By partner-shipping with IBM, Facebook still be deficient in numerous ways.

  • Facebook apps include compulsion, malware, viruses, identity theft, abridged efficiency, disruptive behavior and relationship issues.

Google Play Store on the other hand, provide several useful and productive apps that improve user’s living like “30 Day Fitness Challenge” or “7-minutes Workout”, provide various app’s for improving your relationships and reminding significant event exclusive of Internet.

  • Account invasion: Facebook is bare to attacks and hackers who vigorous modify user’s profile information whenever they desire. Tons of pictures upload on each day and valuable information share through app’s where it’s easy to hack and use against you.

Google Play Store states: “We’re committed to protecting user privacy and providing a safe and secure environment for our users. Malicious apps that abuse or misuse any network, device, or personal data are strictly prohibited.”

Shopping app-page on Facebook, where they request user’s to present imperative information such as credit-card number or bank accounts whilst no security or transparency is offer, it’s a major defect in Facebook. Anyone can create an app- page and have absolute access to millions of people’s information.

Google Play store provide a large variety starting from Reminders to Beauty cameras, Exercises, Romantic quotes and Wallpapers, Couple app’s chat room, all with elevated security and foolproof system. No malware or hacking can be doing effortlessly in Google or its Play Store as it takes Privacy of its user serious. For Play Store; user’s trust is essential and information their asset.

Every single app or game on Facebook is on Google Play Store and participate with no Internet.

Google and Facebook by no means are on the same platform. Though, Facebook is doing its level best but decades distance is there for it to kill Google Play Store or Google apps.

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