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Fastest Android Browser

Android Browser

It's only fair to share...We utilize our Android smart phones for everything these days. Calling, texting, checking email and scrolling through social media anything. Amongst those who take smart phone’s web browsers acutely, penchant of browser app is incredibly critical. It indeed is trouble-free enough to attach with browser that comes with Smart Phone, but what if you want utter ...

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5 Best Android Apps for Students

android apps for students

It's only fair to share...Academy or Educational Institutions are a significant instance in our live. We all are receiving education of all kinds of original stuff. This article is going to take a look at various paraphernalia that could assist you in acquiring education and knowledge enhanced. We have compiled the list of top 5 best android apps for students. ...

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It's only fair to share...There are numerous amazing stuff you can do with Android that you doubtless don’t even be acquainted with. From convention ROMs to elegant launchers, apps, LED, notifications, gesture controls, icon packs and tug, there is copiousness to maintain Users to be happy for a while. Here are few things every Android holder must endeavor. It's only ...

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15 Best Android Widgets

Best Android Widgets

It's only fair to share...Widgets have been in our lives for extensive instance. It was and is still one of important features that made Android way superior than iOS. As said, Widgets is affix with Android OS ever since they were initiated in edition 1.5 of Google’s proposal. Now, stuck between improved designed apps, speedy settings, Android Nougat app shortcuts ...

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Smart Phone Under 50 $

cheapest smart phones

It's only fair to share...Smart Phones; progressively providing people in emergent globe a middling to view possibilities in already emergent countries, they provide way for online access to media, services, and supplies offered abroad. We have compiled a list of smart phone under 50 $. It's only fair to share...

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All About BlackPhone


It's only fair to share...The extra attention-grabbing devices at Mobile World Congress are BlackPhone: confidentiality handsets which provide pro-privacy developed by Spanish establish Geeks-phone together with U.S. security corporation Silent Circle providing “security-oriented” Android fabrication called Privat-OS. It's only fair to share...

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Everything You Need To Know About Project Fi

Project Fi

It's only fair to share...If you’re an Android aficionado, you have definitely heard of Project Fi. As an Android User, you probably hadn’t heard all about it, so here we provide everything you need to know about Project Fi which presents high-level appearance at carrier option that comes straight from Google. Explicitly saying, what is Fi, how it mechanism works ...

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Best Cellular Phone In US – April 2017

best android phones usa

It's only fair to share...When selecting Android smart phones which ensemble your requirements, the chore can be overwhelming sometimes. Every few month a new Android device come in market making selection almost unattainable except someone is helping you in precise course. If you are in market for a new smart phone on U.S. Cellular and are bearing in mind Android ...

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