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Galaxy S8

Alternatives of Samsung Galaxy S8

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Galaxy S8 has hacked the internet ever since it was formally pronounce by Samsung. Ultramodern design, particularly bezel-less screen-display, Apple fans are prepared to switch on Android for this particular one. Samsung has made it apparent that they are indeed coming back strong after Note 7 fiasco previous year. However, Galaxy S8 isn’t faultless and has its reasonable share of downsides, like lack of better battery, dual cameras and minor RAM. In addition, Samsung’s Touch-Wiz pelt, now known as Samsung Experience UI, is known to get gangly after a while. If you are apprehensive about these inadequacy on S8 and don’t fancy to reimburse $800 for this Device, although you are still looking to purchase a smart phone this year, you require to absolutely take a look at these best Galaxy S8 Alternatives you can purchase:


  • LG G-6:

LG G-6 proclaimed at MWC 2017 that LG G-6 is better smart phone from Samsung in almost same cost. With an edge-to-edge curved display and about 78.6% screen-to-body ratio, LG unswerving takes on S8. Whereas it needs curved exhibit of S8, it has its resemblance like display has 18:9 ratios, same as Galaxy S8. Nevertheless, disparate Galaxy S8 which has a sole 12 MP camera, LG G6 has dual 13 MP cameras prepared by Sony. One is typical camera which shoots at 71-degrees, while other one is fantastic wide angle lens, which shoots at 125-degrees. LG G-6 has a somewhat bigger battery at 3300 mAh, but lacks Snapdragon 835, which powers Galaxy S8. As a substitute, LG has chosen to employ preceding year’s Snapdragon 821 processor. Position of fingerprint sensor is ideal, especially when you look at gauche position of fingerprint sensor on S8. LG G6 grants whatever you did expect from a smart phone in 2017 at a price $685 than S8.


  • Google Pixel:

Google Pixel is the phone you ought to absolutely take a look at. Every Google phone has more rapid updates, which you can’t look forward to on Galaxy S8. There’s no reservation regarding verity that Pixel will be one of first devices to obtain imminent Android O update. User interface is pretty sleek and nearly flawless in terms of performance as divergent to Samsung Experience UI, which is extensively considered as caricature due to its sluggish performance, in spite of having powerful hardware. Along with big Android experience, Google Pixel is an appealing Android smart phone. Pixel is powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, with 4 GB of RAM and its performance is astoundingly sound. It ensemble better for people who choose more compacted smart phone. Pixel’s 12.3 MP cameras performs remarkably well, and can be considered good as one on Galaxy S8, because both devices are using same dual pixel technology. Pixel lack elegant design and edge-to-edge display of S8, it is an upright alternative at a considerate $649 price.


  • IPhone 7 Plus:

iPhone 7 Plus feature a 3-year mature design but it still appear stylish and whilst it has enormous bezels, when contrast to Galaxy S8, it still confer Samsung S8 a run for its money with its performance and camera superiority. One of the main features of iPhone 7 Plus is dual cameras, which Galaxy S8 lack. One of them is a wide-angle lens, while other one is a 2X Telephoto lens, offering dual focal length. It also features a 3D Touch screen-display, which Galaxy S8 lacks, apart from for its pressure sensitive on-screen home button. With every iPhone, users acquire incessant software updates from Apple for at least 3 -4 years, which user cannot anticipate from Samsung S8. Powered by Apple A10 Fusion chip, iPhone 7 plus has revealed its ability in standard by stitching out Snapdragon 835 which powers Galaxy S8. When performance is considered A10 Fusion is a beast, with best low price at $799.


  • Xiaomi Mi Mix:

Xiaomi ongoing bezel-less inclination from previous year with Mi Mix and if you are someone who wants less-budget technology on your smart phone, Mi Mix is just for you. It possess 91.3% screen-to-body ratio avow by Xiaomi, which is top than 83.6% on Galaxy S8. This makes Mi Mix a bigger 6.4 inch screen-display in a smaller cadaver, even though it’s still better than Galaxy S8. It has 6 GB RAM which is significantly more than 4 GB RAM presented by S8. Camera is 16 MP which provide you a higher resolution stills than Galaxy S8’s 12 MP cameras, but megapixels don’t really matter. Xiaomi Mi Mix gives a bigger battery at 4400 mAh weigh against to 3000 mAh presented by Samsung, so uses will have enhanced battery life with this device. This device is again obtainable in $619 price.


  • Galaxy S7 Edge:

Galaxy S7 Edge is an enticing covenant for numerous, particularly after price incise it has customary over previous few months. Device at present is obtainable for $520. It has same 4 GB RAM offered by Galaxy S8 and Snapdragon 820 processor is still moderately competent. User will perhaps acquire better battery life on S7 Edge because of bigger 3600 mAh battery it packs within. Galaxy S7 Edge as well features identical 12 MP f/1.7 back-facing camera found on Galaxy S8, so similar eminence in your photos. Whilst it lacks nearly bezel-less design of S8, it brings bowed edge display. So, if you are on low budget and want a high-end Samsung device, get a hold of S7 Edge.


  • One-Plus 3-T:

One-Plus 3-T is admired smart-phones on market nowadays and justify it. One-Plus 3-T is an immense smart phone. It didn’t have fancy bezel-less design of S8, but it still appears pretty good, due to its metal design. Defeats Galaxy S8 in provisions of battery life, due to its bigger 3400 mAh battery. There’s 6 GB RAM and 16 MP cameras on both front and back, making it palpable choice for higher resolution stills and selfies. One-Plus smart phone comprises with Oxygen OS, which is an adapted assemble of Android with only functional modification and an Android look. Company makes certain to swift update device with most up-to-date updates. Overall, One-Plus 3T is a great preference if user want a smart phone at almost half the price of S8 i.e. $447


  • Xiaomi Mi 6:

Xiaomi just publicize brand new Mi 6, which is an additional high-end smart phone from company in reasonable price. The device mightn’t look as exhilarating as Galaxy S8 or even Xiaomi own Mi Mix, owed to be deficient in bezel-less display. Mi 6 looks analogous to One-Plus 3T. Beneath the covering it has several staid powers. Mi 6 is powered by same Snapdragon 835 processor that Galaxy S8 utilizes attached with 6 GB of RAM. With a 3350 mAh battery, user can anticipate better battery life from Mi 6 than S8. Mi 6 also features dual 12 MP cameras on back, which Galaxy S8 just doesn’t encompass. All of these features in a price that will absolutely make your jaws plunge. It’s going to be available soon in 64 and 128 GB alternative for a price of $350 and $400 correspondingly.


  • Sony Xperia XZ Premium:

Sony declares their device for 2017 flip-side at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February, but it isn’t going to be in stores until June. Powered by newest hardware like same Snapdragon 835 that powers Galaxy S8 and 4 GB RAM. Xperia XZ Premium swank an impressive 19 MP back-facing camera, which allows users to shoot excellent slow motion videos at 960 frames/sec. The secondary front-facing camera is enhanced at 13 MP. The imposing screen-to-body ratio similar to S8, but what makes it stand out is that it has a dazzling 4-K screen-display. Sony has been silent on cost so far, but considering Xperia XZs is at present obtainable for $699, expect no less than $799 for Xperia XZ Premium.


The Best Galaxy S8 Alternatives You Can Buy:

Galaxy S8 is one of best Android smart phones you can buy this year and there’s no uncertainty about that. However, if you are concerned about its downsides, you might want to look in another place. All of aforesaid smart phones are inspiring and inimitable in their unique way. From power-packed device killers to bezel-less exquisiteness. Though, at hand are several great deice imminent, like Pixel 2, Note 8 and iPhone. Don’t fret; we will keep you informed to make certain that you recognize about best Galaxy S8 alternatives.

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