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7 Reasons to Choose Android Over iPhone

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1. Variety of devices in an array of costs:

What both users actually disagree upom when converse about “iOS or Android” is user’s selections that whether he/she like clogged system or open one. With iPhone, Apple has an upper hand. It crafts the exterior and body, and then concluding over all the software iPhone will be integrated with. This allows have all reimbursement eminent; definite updates, broad sustainability, negligible bloat-ware, etc.

Android is fair game for every person. Different companies all combating for equivalent market. This is a con for all, but it means you get assorted collection of phones with low or in-budget prices with best features and all.

2. Foremost to get sophisticated hardware features:

Apple freshly integrated water resistance within iPhone 7. Subsequent year, it’s predictable to espouse a more flamboyant OLED screen-display with iPhone 8. It upgraded storage hole of its existing models, but it still doesn’t hold micro-SD cards, which didn’t enlarge further without extra $100.

Android phones have all of mentioned things, and promising more, for years to come. Wireless charging, quicker charging, detachable batteries, dual-SIM, dual cameras; all is obtainable, and is existing, farther away from Apple’s walls.

3. User customization:

User gets bored at staring at iPhone’s unchanged gridiron of apps. You have apps you don’t usually use. You don’t have to dig into settings menu each time you want to turn off GPRS, also. The gist is, if user’s doesn’t like something, they can actually alter it in Android.

4. App disparity is garish:

People don’t download new apps anymore. The apps users use, probably already exists in platform with 84% of market. You might get an update a little bit later, and sometimes design won’t be as efficient, but typically any dissimilarity is trivial.

The only exemption is if you’re too much involved in mobile games; there, iOS does get releases prior to elsewhere they appear.

5. Google’s stock software is superior:

Apple is a hardware company. Google, as much as it desires to enlarge, it will still be a software company. When looking at what’s already loaded in iOS and Android by evade it illustrate

Gmail is extra dominant than Mail. Apple Maps is only imminent equivalence with Google Maps. Google Now is more proficient than Siri. Even Google’s keyboard does more.

Apple comprehend that numerous iOS users download Google substance onto their iPhones nonetheless, that it at last made it achievable to eliminate stock apps with iOS 10. On Android, excellent stuff is already there and frequently embedded into device itself. When in retreat near mail app, User’s aren’t provoked to re-install Mail.

6. Headphone Jacks Availability:

It’s pleasant to shun dongles. iPhone is less amenable to open standards. Again, Apple’s entire transaction is catching users into its planet of gears. High-speed accessories only work with iOS devices. All your iMessage chat become valueless if you change. Bluetooth combination user perceive with AirPods? Only for or on iOS.

This is neat business; those sorts of Apple-elite occurrence can be great, but not forever. More prominently, if users ever vary from their choice of iPhone, Android doesn’t castigate you for it. When its phones inexorably plunge headphone jack, they will shift to USB-C, which will then be obtainable on each non-iOS device.

7. Convention ROM’s:

User can really reinstate software that came with device with a custom ROM if users desire to. This is fundamentally mounting innovative operating system and numerous Android users do it because their carter or producer is sluggish to improve to newest edition of Android platform, but may also do it for enhanced performance or to increase access to several add-ons or gears. This is absolutely extreme end of Android customization and users require implementing slight prudence to guarantee that you don’t run into nuisance. You can follow a tutorial and your device is supported, reimbursement can be huge. There’s ways to install entirely diverse operating systems on some Android devices, such as Ubuntu, Firefox OS, Sailfish, and the catalog goes on and on.


Erect assimilation is a good thing. The song remnants are identical: Android is about value, iPhone is more articulate combined package. Beyond flat software compress, Apple didn’t even match Android’s existential security calamity, or the reality that iPhone 7 obliterate all antagonism from performance point of view. Nonetheless, high-end Android phones have congested the breach, the OS they utilize is of utmost advanced in significant ways.


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