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Best Android Widgets
Best Android Widgets

15 Best Android Widgets

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Widgets have been in our lives for extensive instance. It was and is still one of important features that made Android way superior than iOS. As said, Widgets is affix with Android OS ever since they were initiated in edition 1.5 of Google’s proposal. Now, stuck between improved designed apps, speedy settings, Android Nougat app shortcuts and extra powerful notice there are not numerous rationales to have them. These Widgets are a way used by Android to show its customization and suppleness, allowing users to be as functional as probable and customized to their desires. However, we still adore using sporadic widget because they are faster than opening any app, however with numerous widgets in Play Store, discovering constructive ones is sturdy.

Here are 15 Best Android Widgets that are must to be on your Smart Phones:


  • 1Weather:

1Weather is perhaps one of most excellent weather apps obtainable. Its Android widgets are not bad moreover. It cites old style “flick clock and weather” that used to embellish other smart phones and its arrangement. Tick on clock segment takes users to alarm app, clicking on weather bit takes them to 1Weather’s main edge. It is free to use.


  • HD Widgets:

These Widgets are the most configurable in sequence widgets in Play Store. They have numerous special sizes with a number of  6×2  sized ones so they cover up almost 7’’ Android screen quite well, whereas all of these widgets let colors and style to be altered.


  • Beautiful Widget:

These are amazing Widgets for android Users. It provides several attractive, animated widgets in various sizes and shaped, which include Clock, Weather, date and toggle Widgets. All these can b tailored and user can pick free skins from “Beautiful Widgets Skin Market.”


  • Battery Reborn:

Battery Reborn Widget is amongst best Android widgets for battery saving. It offers a sole, spherical battery estimation widget. User can alter tint and size to go with their theme layout. The app itself appears with battery information, shortcuts to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth set and it provides them charts to show comprehensive battery commotions. It’s zilch complex. Try out free version prior to buying it!!


  • Android Pro:

Android Pro Widgets are amalgamation of diverse widgets. User will see unique widgets for Agenda, Calendar, Contacts, Bookmarks, Messaging, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Reader. All of these have selection to be more chic and numerous of widgets allow for roll as long as their Launcher allows it.


  • Shazam:

Shazam is a free widget that distinguishes songs when users listen them through headphones. To utilize this Widget proficiently, Enter Shazam Widget, which routinely put Shazam button on User’s Smart phone screen? After this all User have to do is hit button when you hear a song you are inquisitive about.!


  • BeWeather:

BeWeather is incredible weather widget. Not only will Users adore its look, they will have entrée to features akin to weather radar so they can perceive if bad weather is coming or if it seems like it will not. They will also have temperature displayed in notification ingot.


  • Calendar Widget:

Calendar Widget is a layout of Android widgets. They all show literal similar thing. It provides users a month calendar. It syncs with Google Calendar, supports solar calendar, and they can speedily browse their agendas and to do list from widget. This widget has 80 themes that ought to work for pretty much one and all. It’s free to download. On the other hand, further themes will have to be procuring through in-app purchase.


  • ESPN ScoreCenter:

An app that is a must for all Sports lovers. It is a tailored app that lets user picks their favorite teams from different sports leagues, from NFL to Colombian soccer.

This app appears with other 2 widgets: ScoreCenter and Video Widget.

ScoreCenter shows game and scoring data of Users favorite teams.

Video Widget : This rolls through all day’s hot sports videos.

Good thing about this app is its absolutely free.!


  • DroidPet:

People adore pets. For those who have allergies or who cannot have pets where they live, DroidPet Widget is a grand way to fill emptiness you feel because of this. This app take care of up to 5 pets at once by petting them, playing with them, and keeping them happy or they will go to unusual farm where animals go to live when no-one wants them.


  • Dashclock:

Dashclock Widget is most durable Android widgets in Play Store. It’s a effortless, apparent widget that exhibit information like weather, your unread Gmail count up, their next alarm, and further data. It also comes with extension support. It’s uncomplicated, but powerful. It is completely free to use.


  • Pulse News:

This app is all about news. It carries news from all user’s favorite websites, online newspapers and magazines, blogs in an easy to read format.

This app supply 3 widgets sizes: Large, Small, and Tiny. Each of them can display headlines from their favourite source and can click any headlines to get full new.


  • Google Keep:

Google Keep is straightforward and effectual note-taking app. Users can compose text notes, list notes, and voice notes. It provides Users alternative to share notes with others for teamwork. It appears with simple set of Android widgets that offer users capability to create notes rapidly. That is basically all you require when it comes for note taking. It is entirely free to use.


  • Days Left:

We all have days we anticipate most about and look forward to, like how many days are left till vacation, Christmas, birthday or anniversary. Days Left Widget permits Users add minute widgets to your smart phone home screen counting down to that unique day. Users can add numerous dates to home screen, each with diverse countdowns and dates.


  • HD Widgets:

This is an added Android widgets alternative that is in this World for a long time. This Widget comprise of widgets for an assortment of stuff. Users can have a clock and weather widget, only clock, only weather, setting switches, and even location. The widgets are tailored to a degree. There are some add-ons such as Kairo and Colourform. They add extra customization choices. The main app is a pay-once app and each costs $0.99. The only shortcoming of this app is; some users reported heavy battery consumption with this Widget.


What widget do you extremely adore that is on this list? Let us know what it is and why you like it in the comments below.



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